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Clover: A POS System That Does It All

Are you in the market for a comprehensive point-of-sale system to organize your invoicing and finances? Perhaps something customizable and used to run your business from anywhere? If so, we’ve got something that might be the perfect fit for your business needs.

Von Payments has partnered with Clover to provide merchants with a customizable POS system that does it all: invoicing, debit and credit card processing, virtual terminals, and more.

This partnership allows businesses like yours to access everything in one convenient platform. The secure payment processing solutions offered by Clover integrate seamlessly with Von Payments, allowing users to monitor their finances from their smartphone or through the app.

Discover how Von Payments and Clover have created a full-service solution to meet merchants’ POS needs and how this platform caters to businesses of all sizes.

What Is a Point-of-Sale System?

A point-of-sale (POS) system is an efficient and cost-effective business management method. It combines hardware and software to process transactions, record sales, and store customer information.

POS systems can accept payments, track inventory, provide real-time analytics, manage employees, and more. They’re relatively easy to set up and use—new users can become quickly familiar with a gentle learning curve.

By automating specific processes associated with daily transaction handling, POS systems help businesses save time and money. They reduce errors in manual data entry and facilitate better inventory management.

The data collected through a POS system gives businesses invaluable insights into customer behavior that can be utilized for marketing strategies, pricing decisions, or product development.

Best of all, POS systems are incredibly versatile. Because they come in different forms ranging from customer-facing, traditional registers with cash drawers and barcode scanners to cloud-based mobile apps, they can fit the needs of any business regardless of size or industry.

Why Clover’s Customizable POS System?

The Clover point-of-sale system is designed to make your life easier. Its easy-to-use interface and cloud-based technology simplify complex tasks, so you’re always in control of your sales, inventory, employee information, and more. All you need is reliable Wi-Fi or mobile data and a smartphone (i.e., Android or iOS.)

Clover‘s merchant account and services provide e-Commerce businesses with the tools they need for growth. With no setup fees and a low monthly fee, Clover‘s PCI-compliant and PTS-certified technology is designed to process payments quickly and securely. 

And with Von Payments, Clover becomes an essential tool for high-risk merchants that need flexible payment processing solutions.

Discover various products by Clover (also available on the Clover app market):

  • Clover Flex is the perfect all-in-one POS system for small businesses. It allows merchants to accept all payment types, gets deposits quickly and easily, and tracks their business in real time. With no monthly fee, Clover Flex is an affordable solution for businesses of any size.
  • Clover Go is a versatile and portable POS solution that makes it easy to serve customers in line or on the go. This powerful tool allows merchants to accept payment cards (both traditional magnetic stripe and EMV credit/debit) and NFC technologies like Apple Pay.
  • The Clover Mini from Fiserv (formerly First Data) is an excellent choice for a simple yet powerful credit card terminal. This compact device accepts all major payment cards (including traditional magnetic stripe and EMV credit/debit cards) and NFC technologies like ApplePay.
  • Clover Station Duo serves as a powerful and flexible payment processor. This two-screen POS system allows merchants to run their business efficiently while allowing customers to initiate payments quickly and securely on either screen.


Clover‘s invoicing solutions make it easy to get paid faster online. Your customers can conveniently pay you online with their credit or debit card. The system can handle all incoming payments, whether in-store orders, mail or telephone orders, or invoices.

Send digital receipts via email, keep tabs on all your transactions from a single dashboard, and streamline the whole process with our point-of-sale system. Of course, the Clover stations have a receipt printer if you and your customers need a hard copy.

You can create professional invoices and email them to your customers with a few clicks (or taps on the touchscreen). You can then keep track of customer information and generate reports.

No need to worry about syncing data or manually entering it into other accounting systems— all data is securely stored within Clover’s cloud platform and updates automatically.

Your customers will also benefit from email invoicing:

  • Easier payments: Clover allows customers to pay their bills quickly and securely with just a few clicks
  • Better recordkeeping: Customers don’t have to waste time trying to locate a lost or misplaced statement—they’re all found in the Clover dashboard
  • Less waste: Paperless billing helps reduce waste, making your business more eco-friendly and attractive to potential customers.

Debit & Credit Card Processing

Make running your business a breeze with Clover devices and payment solutions. Accept debit card and credit card payments on virtually any device—computers, tablets, or smartphones—and send email requests for payments online.

Clover offers small business owners various debit and credit card processing services. It’s designed to make accepting payments easy, with no set-up costs or long-term contracts. And with Von Payments, card processing fees, and transaction fees are friendly to high-risk industries.

Quick service restaurants quickly and securely accept Visa and Mastercard payments through Clover’s Restaurant POS System & Software Solution. Its payment processing feature is integrated directly into Clover’s POS system so restaurants can manage their transactions in one place.

Clover and Von Payments offer customers contactless and mobile payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Virtual Terminals

Clover‘s virtual terminals take the stress out of online payments so you can enjoy a simpler, safer way to transact.

Clover‘s Virtual Terminal is a robust and secure payment processing solution that enables businesses to accept credit cards over the phone or by mail. You don’t need special equipment or POS software—it operates entirely through your Clover POS device, allowing you to process payments anywhere.

With a simple login to Clover‘s Web Dashboard, you can issue refunds and accept various payment types like credit cards, debit cards, and ACH in one easy-to-use system—no hardware needed.

Whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can count on secure, efficient transactions that keep your sales flowing. And with every transaction processed through the Virtual Terminal, you can track sales across various Clover POS devices.

Sales Tracking & Reporting

Clover‘s sales tracking and reporting give you the power to unlock actionable insights from your point-of-sale data. With real-time metrics like customer demographics, purchasing patterns, and average order values, you can better understand how to boost performance and maximize profits.

Get a granular view of your sales data when the POS reports break down the busiest times, best-selling items, and monthly trends for you. With Clover‘s real-time insights, you can accurately and quickly assess your sales data.

Multi-location businesses can also get a comprehensive overview of their combined sales across all stores and online channels.

Grow Your Customer Base

Get to know your customers with Clover Customers. This feature automatically collects customer data like contact info, birthdays, recent orders, workplaces, and more from credit card sales and digital receipts. Every time someone swipes a credit card or opts in for a digital receipt via SMS or email, a customer record is created so you can get the most out of your CRM.

With Clover, you can ensure customer engagement reflects tailored recommendations, personalized promos, and other VIP treatments. Your staff can access their names, transaction histories, and further details such as allergies, birthdays, favorite products, and past purchase history.

If you specialize in pet stores or services, you might even be able to access pet names! All of this comes free and easy with the Clover system.

Employee Management

Clover takes the guesswork out of measuring employee performance. Get detailed reports on top sales and development performers. Easily see who’s up to speed and make sure your team is on the same page.

Show your staff that you appreciate their hard work and dedication with Clover‘s customizable tip screens, tip pooling, gratuity distribution, and revenue sharing. Calculate commissions for individual employees or your team using the Clover app.

Time Clock by Homebase allows you to do it all in one place—schedule, manage, and pay employees, track labor costs, budget accurately, and get a real-time view of each employee’s sales data.

Even More Extras

  • Offer and accept gift cards. Offer branded physical gift cards in just minutes. Customers can choose from over 70 design templates or upload their custom designs. They can make buying and redeeming gift cards easier with digital gift cards, which work on any smart mobile device. Offer discounts to recent purchasers or an incentive for off-peak hours. Encourage customers to sign up for a loyalty club or newsletter by offering exclusive access to new products or a 10% discount code when they enter their email/phone number.

  • Hear feedback directly from your fans. With Clover Feedback, you can hear your customers’ thoughts and directly respond to complaints quickly and easily. Keep negative reviews off the web using this private, one-to-one conversations feature at your point of sale. Get direct customer feedback and ensure your business is going in the right direction.

  • Launch and promote deals and discounts with Clover Promos. With Clover Promos, you can grow your repeat business in no time! Start off with the Audience Builder feature and create and maintain customer contact lists for announcements or promotions. It’s simple to use and comes free with your Clover POS.

  • Use the mobile app to keep your customers engaged, giving them rewards for sharing their first names and allowing them to order in advance and pay automatically—making transactions faster. Reach out and drive more traffic with digital offers, real-time promos, and in-store coupons.

  • Offer discounts to recent purchasers or an incentive for off-peak hours. Encourage customers to sign up for a loyalty club or newsletter by offering exclusive access to new products or a 10% discount code when they enter their email/phone number.

Partner up with Von Payments and Clover

From the introduction of contactless payments to the integration of AI-powered fraud detection systems, payment processing has become increasingly complex and specialized. As a business owner in high-risk verticals or industries, it can be daunting to keep up with these changes.

Luckily, the partnership between Von Payments and Clover has made it easier.

Von Payments is an innovative payment processing solution that provides businesses with a secure platform for accepting payments online. The partnership with Clover makes the process even simpler: the unique POS system stores all your credit card data in one place. It allows you to monitor your invoicing and finances on any browser or smartphone app.

With Clover‘s array of features, including EMV chip readers, contactless NFC transactions, inventory tracking, detailed customer insights, loyalty programs, gift cards, and more, you can create a seamless checkout experience tailored to your needs.

The combined Von Payments and Clover solutions help businesses streamline their operations while keeping them secure against fraud, empowering them to stay competitive in a constantly evolving market.

Discover the powerful combo of POS systempayment processing solutions that does it all.