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Cash Discount Credit Card Processing

Cash Discounts in Credit Card Processing

Cash discounts help small businesses save money on credit card processing fees. By offering a cash discount, merchants can lower their prices for customers who choose to pay in cash—a win-win situation that results in cost savings for everyone.

A cash discount program works for the merchant as it incentivizes the customers to pay cash. If they still choose debit or credit card transactions, a 3-4% service fee is added. This offsets the merchant’s card processing fees.

With Von Payments, businesses can save on payment processing costs from card brands like Visa and Mastercard while offering discounts to customers spending with cash.

Our easy-to-use platform lets you quickly set up discounted pricing for cash payers, saving you money from day one.

The Zero-Fee Card Acceptance program helps reduce transaction fees by providing dual pricing options—cash or credit/debit card. You won’t have to worry about calculating the difference in cost.

Plus, our PCI-compliant point-of-sale or POS system and terminals are designed to work wherever your business is located—whether it’s a physical store or online.

Benefits of Having Cash Discounts

A cash discount avoids the cost of processing credit card payments. It encourages customers to use cash or checks instead of credit card or debit card transactions

At the same time, it also makes them pay earlier than with a card. 

As a merchant services provider, you benefit from a cash discount by reducing late payments while offering customers flexibility in payment methods.

  • Cash Is King – With a cash discount, merchants avoid high credit card fees—especially for businesses without a high-risk merchant account. And as an added bonus for your clientele, a discounted cash price awaits if a customer pays without using a card!


  • No Fees – A cash discount lets businesses pass their merchant processing costs to buyers. This means they don’t have to pay additional fees (i.e., merchant service fees, surcharge fees, service charges, and credit card processing fees)for accepting payments via card.


  • Keep More Money – Cash discounts help business owners keep more of their hard-earned money, as the merchant receives an immediate cash payment, usually at a discounted rate. This helps businesses by reducing processing costs, getting payments sooner than card transactions, and avoiding costly chargeback fees.


  • Clear Verbiage – Clear verbiage helps customers understand the difference between payment options and cash discounts. By clearly detailing different payment options and their associated discounts, you can encourage customers to take advantage of your cash discount option—ultimately saving you money in the long run.

How Does Cash Discount Processing Work?

  • Easy To Operate – With Von Payment, taking payments from customers has never been easier! Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface simplify processing transactions for even the most tech-challenged business owners.
  • Cut Costs Where It Counts – You can increase your profit margin with Von Payment’s cash discount feature. Avoid paying credit card processing fees while offering a cash discount to customers who pay with cash! Cut costs for your business, get happier patrons, and enjoy more money in your pocket!

  • Save Money On All Payment Types – Customers who pay with cash will receive a discount, and you—the merchant—can skip those costly credit card processing fees.


  • No SurchargeWith Von Payment’s cash discount feature, you can avoid the dreaded credit card surcharge fees when customers pay with credit cards. By offering a discounted price to those who use cash, you can reduce processing costs from your payment processor and eliminate any surcharge program.


At Von Payments, we quickly set up custom discounts tailored to your business needs without additional cost or effort. Our zero-cost solution helps you reduce fees from credit card processors, saving you money with every purchase.

Cash discount programs can help businesses attract bargain-seeking customers, increase their cash, and manage accounts receivable more efficiently.

With our simple setup process, you can immediately take advantage of these benefits.

Take control of your finances today with Von Payments’ cash discount program!

Get in touch now and see how much you can save!